Best Places to Visit in the Amalfi Coast in Italy

Fortunately, there is no such thing as the ultimate vacation scenario, as everyone has their own idea of what a dream holiday is. Yes, planning a getaway would be much easier if there would be some universal answer, there is no arguing that. But life would be so much duller that cost just doesn’t justify

Medellin Neighborhoods to Explore Beyond the Tourist Zone

Most tourists visiting Medellin in Colombia tend to stick to the usual tourist zone in the city. But, there are so many more Medellin neighborhoods to explore. Parque Lleras is in Poblado neighborhood where tourists and well-heeled locals in Medellin come to play. It’s surrounded by hostels, restaurants, and bars and has been a magnet

Travelling in a Pandemic: Crucial Safe Travel Tips

The ongoing lockdown restrictions have most avid travelers itching for their next wanderlust-fueled adventure. However, as we’ve all realized, the global pandemic is forcing us to redefine how we look at ‘safe travel’. While extensive globetrotting is not advisable right now, travelling in a pandemic means adjusting to a new travel norm: stringent COVID-19 safety

Algarve Beaches – Discover the Less Touristic Ones!

The Algarve beaches – in Portugal’s most southern region – are popular. And for good reason. The south coast houses over 150 km of beautiful golden, sandy beaches. Some are secluded, most are easily accessible. Some are surrounded by great rocks and cliffs. And all provide great swimming possibilities. Most Algarve beaches you’ll find during your

A Guide to Visiting Portsmouth

Portsmouth, the Great Waterfront City, is packed with attractions, things to do, and summer events. As the UK’s only island city, there’s plenty of coastline to explore and history to learn about. Visiting museums are among the top things to do in Portsmouth, while there are also a few great FREE attractions and endless shopping

Best of Monaco

Monaco is  a small State that  sits on the breathtaking French Riviera and is headed by a crown Prince – the Prince of Monaco.  It severely lacks  in size but  certainly makes up for it in style and elegance –famously regognized as the world’s  most affluent country in the world endowed with a lavishness of

The Best Beaches in Key West

You’re all set with your beach towel and sunscreen, ready to hit up some of the best beaches in Key West. But, which Key West beach are you going to pick to kick back and relax? For such a small island, there are several to choose from. Are you looking for a family-friendly beach for the

The 24 Most Beautiful Places in Mexico

If you haven’t had the chance to explore the magic of Mexico, this is your sign from the universe that it’s time to start planning your trip. Stay tuned for pristine beaches, towering mountains, lush jungles, colorful towns, and cultural gems. From as far northwest as Baja California to the easternmost tip of the Yucatán,

9 Fascinating Destinations to Ignite Your Love for Photography

Travel and photography are often inseparable. Any photography enthusiast knows that photography can make even the mundane amazing. However, you can also find gorgeous subject matter everywhere else in the world when you want to. If you’re looking to go on a pilgrimage for your love of photography, here are nine fascinating destinations to include